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LMS, ERP Services

School Management System (ERP) School Management (ERP) is fully automated, an interactive online school management system which manages your school at one place which also streamlines the institution task, work with few keystrokes and mouse click. School ERP improves work efficiency as well as reduces the cost and manual interruption. Our school ERP for schools willing to transform their school administration digitally. ERP is a school management software of system which makes the daily work easier for admin, staff, teachers, parents and student. Our ERP simplify and automate daily tasks and operations. 

Learning Management System (LMS) LMS aims to reducing the operational costs for school management; improve efficiency providing convenience to staff and students. LMS were designed to identify training and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting. LMS are focused on online learning delivery, acting as a platform for online content like material and video sharing, including courses both asynchronous based and Synchronous based.

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