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School Audit, Curriculum Development & Affiliation

Like a river flow so should a business, only then it can give life to people associated with it. Stagnation is bad for every business. To keep business flowing it is essential to nurture it with the structural, managerial and academic development strategies. As the institution paves way for growth and development it needs Mentoring and Hand-holding.

Consultation: School Audit, Every school must engage in an academic audit to ensure an efficient learning and evaluating system. It is a good idea to have quality assurance process in place to keep up the pace with the changes happening at every level be it implementation, social, policy or governance. The objective to have an audit process: Ensuring seamless organization and administration. To inculcate a quality oriented approach. Monitor standard operating procedures ad setting up more efficient processes.

Consultation: Curriculum Development – Curriculum development involves preparation of year plans, term plans, application of incentive approaches, class inspections, student programs, guiding teachers and working towards building a strong team to achieve the organizational goal of being par excellence. An engaging an experiential curriculum is an advantage and a motivation only for students but also for teachers and the management. It gives the school an edge over other institutions in the vicinity.

Consultation: Affiliation Transforming education provides one stop solution for all types of affiliation related issues. As specialized consultancy services, we assist and prepare the school leaders, staff management for the inspection/affiliation. You can vail our expert advice on all /any of the following services.

  • Pre-Affiliation Consultancy – Assistance in applying for affiliation off/online as per board’s laws.
  • Organizing and Presentation – Preparing the schools for inspection. Assisting the schools in completing the documentation, maintaining the records, organizing the data/info/evidences as required by the authorities.
  • Post Affiliation – Assisting the school in removing the deficiencies /observations/compliance stated by the authorities.
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