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Dr. Rohit Pramanik

Dr. Rohit Pramanik, a visionary educationist, an effective educator & trainer, global education specialist, PIE- Professional in International Education Recruitment (Admissions), International University Partnerships & Relations, a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Education Sales and Marketing outreach specialist, special educator, music therapist, Career Counselor, Higher Education Advisor - International Education (College and Universities), Communication Coach, Publication Consultant - Audiobooks / Podcasts etc., Transaction Quality specialist, and Western Music Coach & Trainer, NCC Officer & Instructor. 

A multi-disciplinary, with 16+ years of rich experience in Corporate (BPO/KPO/MNC) as Communication and Cultural Trainer (CCT), Process Training and Transaction Quality Specialist, Business Developer, Publications Consultant (Audiobooks /Podcasts/ebooks/ibooks) & Education (Academic Schools, College & University) related to the field of Teaching, Counseling, Learning & Development, Business Development, Fundraising, Academic Facilitator, Global Education Sales & Marketing, Pedagogical Training, and Liberal Arts (Visual and Performing arts). Additionally trained Scoutmaster from Bharat Scouts and Guides, Civil Defense India, and holds the position of ANO (Associate National Cadet Corps Officer) trained under the Indian Army with the officer rank of Lieutenant.

Skill & Education

Skilled in education transformation from scratch to finish,  academic specialist in curriculum development, team building, capacity building, mentorship, career counseling, and team development; also passionate about empowering people to be at their best. His goal is to instill a sense of self-appreciation, while at the same time learning and training people about the technical and practical aspects of Life.

Being a Clinical Psychologist, he has excellent interpersonal skills and connects well with all stakeholders in the health and educational ecosystem - parents, teachers, and students. Have undergone several pieces of training in leadership and process setting. To him, education is the tool to empower and counseling is the instrument to enrich the soul. His dedication to the cause of education and firm faith in investing time and energy in the form of training in all stakeholders sets him apart from the league. He is a Master Trainer for teachers, Life Skills Trainer for Students, and a Parenting Coach for young parents.

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Pastoral Counseling) and have acquired specialized training and qualifications in the fields of Theology, Business Management, and Clinical Psychology with a specialization in ADHD, LGBTQ, and CBT, etc., and Western Music. Initiating from Theological studies like Bachelor of Theology Degree to Ph.D. (Pastoral Counseling) and gearing up for another Doctoral study DMin (Doctor of Ministry - Leadership Development from BILD International –Antioch School, USA). In the regular studies course Bachelor of Arts to Master’s Degree in Education (Psychology) and Business Management (IBD). 

He is a certified professional musician and a trained music coach from the Trinity College London, trained in the areas of Western Music (Music Theory, Vocal - Rock'n'POP & Classical, Instrumental - Electronic Keyboard, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Violin) and can also play many other musical instruments like Piano, Drums, etc. Also, had an opportunity to get trained by professionals in Mass Communication and corporate management in the field of International Business Development and Corporate

quality To him, the success mantra is never, never, never give up because ‘Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’